‘We could take the Hungarian Federation as an example’

We see plenty of legends in every corner of the Papp László Sportaréna, who left their marks in the history of wrestling. At the media tribune we can meet one the most successful Romanian wrestlers, Alin Romulus Pacurar.

Pacurar was world silver and multiple bronze medallist, European champion, Balkan champion in the 48 kg weight category, furthermore at age 19 he was voted best wrestler in Europe in his category, and he was one of ten former wrestlers who got a plaque for their achievements for wrestling at the 75th anniversary of UWW.

„I come to Hungary with very good feelings every time, because I have great memories. I was voted most skilled wrestler in two Grand Slam tournaments, and this trophy has a special place in my collection, which is almost as big as me. What’s more: my biggest rival, László Bíró was also Hungarian whom I respect very much and he is my friend too. We were always head-to-head, sometimes he won, sometimes it was me.”

We asked the legend of Romanian sport, who is accompanied here by former MMA world champion Marius Doczi, about his current experiences.

„Wrestling has undergone tremendous changes, and it seems like age doesn’t matter, rather how the wrestlers are prepared mentally, how they can deal with the situations, how they start their matches, and how they can overcome up and down situations. Japanese and American competitors have been dominating the competition so far.”

Alin Pacurar developed a special counter-attack move, which was named after him, and he is also proud of his efforts to help the younger generations and their opportunities, and not just because his son stepped into his footsteps.

„It is very important for my son to see those wrestlers, to find an idol and motivation. We will host the U23 World Championships in Bucharest, and I told our president that we can take the Hungarian Federation as an example, because it is remarkable how they can help the younger generations. They came here from every corner of the country and it is a very big help for the young wrestlers to feel the atmosphere of an international event.”