Volunteers from all around the world

292 volunteers and 16 coordinators are helping the participants of the World Championships from almost all the neighbour countries of Hungary. Some of them came from France, Turkey and the United States. Levente Fige is the youngest volunteer at the age of 12. He is actually a wrestler. The oldest one is the retired economist Péter Márk. There are plenty of pensioners, parents, ordinary workers among them, who take their holiday especially to this event.

There are a big variety of jobs, we can find doctors, lawyers, teachers, artists in the group. Most of them speak three or four different languages, so they can help the Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Mongolian, Russian, English and German athletes as well.

Kürthy family is the biggest one with three siblings here, but they are not the only brothers or sisters who are volunteering at the World Champs. Some parents and kids work together, too.

Szilvia Perényi, the leader of the volunteering team told us that they give small gifts and presents to the volunteers every day and they will organise a closing party for all of them.