The first Hungarian medal won by Emese Barka – Day 6

On the sixth day of the world championships we could celebrate a Hungarian bronze medal, thanks to Emese Barka’s performance. In Greco-Roman wrestling in 72 kg category Bálint Korpási, and in the 82 kg category Péter Bácsi got into the finals.

In women wrestling, we could watch four world champions stepping on top of the podium. In the 50 kg category Yui Susaki, in the 53 kg category Haruna Okuno, in 57 kg category the Chinese Ningning Rong, while in 62 kg category the Bulgarian Taybe Mustafa Yusein managed to be victorious.


Women 50 kg


2. Mariya STADNIK (AZE)

3. Yanan SUN (CHN) / Oksana LIVACH (UKR)

Women 53 kg

1. Haruna OKUNO (JPN)


3. Qianyu PANG (CHN) / Diana Mary Helen WEICKER (CAN)

Women 57 kg

1. Ningning RONG (CHN)

2. Bilyana Zhivkova DUDOVA (BUL)

3. Pooja DHANDA (IND) / Barka Emese (HUN)

Women 62kg

1. Taybe Mustafa YUSEIN (BUL)

2. Yukako KAWAI (JPN)

3. Mallory Maxine VELTE (USA) / Yuliia Tkach Ostapchuk (UKR)

Flash Quotes:

Yui Susaki (JPN) – gold medalist in 50 kg

„I started my preparation seriously 7-8 months ago. Since that, I have learnt a lot. Every night I went to my bed and I kept saying to myself that I will be the world champion, and that the next day I will fight for it with all my power. Obviously my opponent also came for the gold medal. But I only had in mind that I have to be the one who will win this final today.”

Oksana Livach (UKR) – bronze medalist in 50 kg

„The feelings are swirling in me right now. I am very very happy about this bronze medal. I barely can believe that i achieved it. It is incredible.”

Yanan Sun (CHN) – bronze medalist in 50 kg

„Until this bout I felt Iike I could not do my best at this world championships. But now everything went well. Yesterday I lost in the semi final, but today I put my heart on the mat to win this bronze medal, and I could be victorious in the end.”

Haruna Okuno (JPN) – gold medalist in 53 kg

„During yesterday’s bout my left arm got injured, this is why I always tried to control the bout from the right side. I know my opponent, so I knew exactly what I will get from here. during the final the only thing that I could think about was that I have to win this match. I could achieved it, and now I am very very happy.”

Sarah Ann Hildebrandt (USA) – silver medalist in 53 kg

„I did feel confident, I was prepared but my opponent shut down my game plan. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, and I didn’t make any adjustments.  We’ve trained together, so we knew each other well.  I’m not happy with the result in general, I really believed I was going to win. I try to keep on working and hopefully I will get the result in Tokio.”

Diana Mary Helen Weickler (CAN) – bronze medalist in 53 kg

„The end of the bout was very tough. I started panicking for a second, but then I told myself: stay to the basics. I slowed down everything in my head, and I managed to fend off the attacks. I cannot even describe this feeling. I feel like all the enrgy that I have put into my career is paying off. I would like to win a gold medal at the world championships, and of course, at the Olympics. This result is inspiring me that much that I do not even want to stop.”

Bilyana Zhivkova Dudova (BUL) – silver medalist in 57 kg

„The judge was unfair. I am very sad. I wish I could run out of the world right now.”Barka Emese (HUN) – bronze medalist in 57 kg

Barka Emese (HUN) – bronze medalist in 57 kg

„It felt so good to compete in front of the Hungarian fans. I would like to thank to everyone, who supported me, who came out here or cheered for me from home in front of the tv. Right now I am very happy, but I am also a bit sad for not achieving an even brighter medal. During the whole world championships concetration was what defined me, not counting the semi final. This was an easy match, I am not totally tired, I wish I could have wrestle in the finals the way I did now.”

Pooja Dhanda (IND) – bronze medalist in 57 kg

„I am very happy that I could win this bronze medal. I am proud of myself, of my country, and I am thankful for my coaches, and my training partners. Bullen has a very strong upper body, so I had to exclude her arms and attack her lower body, which turned into points. My vantage was huge in the end, but I tried to keep attacking her after I was admonished two times.”