Tamás Lőrincz could deliver another gold for Hungary – Day 8

On the 8th day of the world championships we could celebrate the Hungarian Tamás Lőrincz’s victory in the semi finals of the 77 kg category. Thanks to the win of the Bulgarian Milov, Balázs Kiss can step on the mat tomorrow in the repechage of the 97 kg category.

In Greco-Roman wrestling,  we could witness three new world champions with the gold medal on their chests. The Russian Sergey Emelin won in the 60 kg category, while in the 67 kg category of Greco-Roman wrestling Artem Surkov from Russia celebrated the gold medal, and the Turkish Metehan Basar stepped on top of the podium in the 87 kg category.

Greco-Roman,  60 kg

1. Sergey EMELIN (RUS)

2. Victor CIOBANU (MDA)


 Greco-Roman, 67 kg

1. Artem SURKOV (RUS)



 Greco-Roman, 87 kg

1. Metehan BASAR (TUR)



Flash Quotes:

Sergey Emelin (RUS) – gold medalist in 60 kg

„This bout was not an easy one, it was the first time that I met with him. This win was a very hard one, my opponent was strong. I am very happy that I managed to win.”

Victor Ciobanu (MDA) – silver medalist in 60 kg

„I am very sad because i prepared a lot for this world championships, and I felt strong. I do not how could this happen. What annoys me the most is that I could not earn a bigger glory for my country.”

Aidos Sultangali (KAZ) – bronze medalist in 60 kg

„I came to the finals with a sickness, but the doctors helped me to get myself together. My opponent was very strong. I was waiting for the right moment to take the lead. I came here originally for the gold medal, but I could not achieve that. I hope that next year, in front of the Kazakh espectators, I can win.”

Artem Surkov (RUS) – gold medalist in 67 kg

“I was preparing very hard for this world championships. We had a three part selection camp, which wa very though, but I will not tell you any more details. This gold medal is the biggest treasure. It felt like catching the train, which I almost missed.”

Davor Stefanek (SRB) – silver medalist in 67 kg

„I totally admit the success of my opponent. I could see in the 4th minute that I could not hold the Russian with my right arm, he built up his strategy very well. At that point I knew I did not really have a chance. I felt that I cannot gain any points against the Russian in the standing position. In the end I had to do some risks if I can release from his hold, but unfortunately, I could not make it. I did not come for this silver medal, but it is not a shame to be defeated by the better athtlete.”

Gevorg Sahakyan (POL) – bronze medalist in 67 kg

„I am very happy about this result, I would like to thank to God and my coach.  I won this bronze medal for Poland, for my fans. I think this bronze medal is a pretty great result. From here the way goes only forward.”

Metehan Basar (TUR) – gold medalist in 87 kg

„I am very-very happy. I really wanted this title. This competition was special for me because I could defend my title. My whole family and nation prayed for me. I am very grateful for everyone. I offer this medal to my homeland. Now the most important goal for me is to win the gold medal in Tokyo.”

Zhan Beleniuk (UKR) – silver medalist in 87 kg

„I started the match well, but I got tired in the end. I prepared and trained a lot for this world championships. I came here to win so now I am very disappointed, that I could not achieve my goal.”

Roberti Kobliashvili (GEO) – bronze medalist in 87 kg

„I am happy, but it was not nice from my opponent that he teared apart my shirt. i am tired, I need some time to rest.”

Artur Shahinyan (ARM) – bronze medalist in 87 kg

„I am very happy about this bronze medal. This is like I would have won the gold medal. A previous win gave me a lot of extra motivation. I am disappointed that I lost against Beleniuk earlier, but I still think it is a great result. I would like to offer this match to my family. I feel I have worked a lot for this bronze medal.”