Russian dominance in the last day of the World Championships – DAY 9

Russian wrestlers won all three gold medals in the very last day of the World Championships. Aleksandr Chekhirkin finished first in the 77 kg, Musa Evloev in the 97 kg and Sergey Semenov in the 130 kg weight category.

Host Hungary won a silver medal in 77 kg by Tamás Lőrincz. Balázs Kiss (97 kg) finished in 5th place.


Greco-Roman, 77 kg:

  1. Aleksandr Chekhirkin (RUS)
  2. Tamás Lőrincz (HUN)
  3. Hyeonwoo Kim (KOR) and Viktor Nemes (SRB)

Greco-Roman, 97 kg:

  1. Musa Evloev (RUS)
  2. Kiril Milov (BUL)
  3. Mihail Kajala (SRB) and Mahdi Abbas Aliyarifeizabadi (IRI)

Greco-Roman, 130 kg:

  1. Sergey Semenov (RUS)
  2. Adam Jacob Coon (USA)
  3. Oscar Pino Hinds (CUB) and Minseok Kim (KOR)

Flash quotes:

„It was a very tough and painful fight, I’ve got a small injury, but it was worth it, because I have become world champion. All of my dreams have come true” (Aleksandr Chekhirkin, gold, Greco-Roman, 77 kg)

„I’m very sad. Unbelievable, but he almost broke my nose with a hit, and nothing happened. I missed a big opportunity, to be honest maybe it was the last. The fans were fantastic and I’d like to thank them to support me all the way. They said that the world championship in Paris was great, but nowhere near to our supporters. Thank you very much for this feeling what I can live at 32 years old.” (Tamás Lőrincz, silver, Greco-Roman, 77 kg)

„It was a great bout, I am happy to win the bronze medal.” (Hyeonwoo Kim, bronze, Greco-Roman, 77 kg)

„It would have been good, if I fought with Tamás Lőrincz in the final. I’m not in 100% form, I could be better. Yesterday was horrible for me, today was even worse, but I have the bronze. I realised that the Hungarian crowd supported me, which helped me to fight till the end.” (Viktor Nemes, bronze, Greco-Roman, 77 kg)

„That was the final, so it was much more difficult than prelims. It is unbelievable, I’m the champion, I have got the golden medal, this is the best feeling in the world.” (Musa Evloev, gold, Greco-Roman, 97 kg)

„I trained a lot, I believed in myself. I had a couple of tough bouts yesterday, but I felt okay physically. My opponent was stronger, but I’m very happy, this is my first medal from a world championship. I’m 21 years old only, and I am preparing for the Olympic Games.” (Kiril Milov, silver, Greco-Roman, 97 kg)

„I had a successful year. I’m happy for my bronze in the world championship, after my European-Championship medal.” (Mihail Kajala, bronze, Greco-Roman, 97 kg)

„I’m very happy and my family supported me through the hardest times. I got to know just before the match that my opponent had withdrawn. That was the first medal for Iran in Greco-Roman wrestling.” (Mahdi Abbas Aliyarifeizabadi, bronze, Greco-Roman, 97 kg)

„This is the happiest experience of my life. That was my shortest fight and I won with a tactic which was suggested by my coach.” (Sergey Semenov, gold, Greco-Roman, 130 kg)

„My opponent threw me and I lost the bout. It was a short fight so I’m disappointed, but I did what I could do. It’s a great experience to be here. God helped me to get that far. I love this sport and I will try my best in the future as well.” (Adam Jacob Coon, silver, Greco-Roman, 130 kg)

„I’m very happy, because today is my birthday and I won the bronze medal. I came for the gold, but I’m still happy with my performance. I’d like to thank to my teammates, coaches and everybody who supported me. This is a very happy birthday.” (Oscar Pino Hinds, bronze, Greco-Roman, 130 kg)

„It’s a good feeling to win a medal at the World Championships. It was a tough bout. I feel really good here.” (Minseok Kim, bronze, Greco-Roman, 130 kg)

(Photo: Szilvia Őszi)