Rampage, then professionalism

Kyle Snyder went on to the finals yesterday evening with excessive self-confidence in the 97 kg category, where he competed against Russian Abdulrashid Sadulaev. The bout, which everyone expected to be a really exciting one, ended a lot quicker then anyone would have thought.

We could wittness the shortest bout so far on the mat at the World Wrestling Championships in Budapest, as the final between the two Olympic winners lasted only for 20 seconds. Sadulaev defeated his opponent by touche, and won the gold medal.

The Russian then, of course fell into immense happiness, while Snyder totally lost control. The American immediatly ran through the mixed zone, passing by all the media representatives, to the first closed room, where he burst into tears and let out his rage. After the medal ceremony he came back to show off his professionalism, and gave his statement to the media, wherewhich he restored his reputation. This was not a surprise, as we could spot a smile when the silver medal landed on his chest.

„Victory or defeat, none of them can define me. I mean, I love this sport, this is one of the most important things in my life. Losing this final does not make me question my abilities nor my faith. No matter what happens on the mat, I will not change, and put my heart in what I do for this sport. I was too self-confident before the bout, and I had to pay for this. God gave me the victories, and God took from me now this gold medal. I learnt a lot from this.” – Snyder said.