Olli earns first gold medal for Finland in women competition

On the fifth day of the World Wrestling Championships in Budapest four gold medals were awarded in women competition. In the 65 kg category the Finnish Petra Maarit Olli achieved the gold medal, in the 68 kg category the Ukrainian Alla Cherkasova won the title, in the 72 kg category the Canadian Justina Renay Di Stasio could step on the top of the podium, and in the 76 kg category the American Adeline Maria Gray got the gold medal.

From the host country’s side, the Hungarian Zsanett Németh could not step on the mat against the Japanese Hiroe Minagwa Suzuki for the bronze medal in the 76 kg category due to an injury, so she finished on the fourth place. Emese Barka in the semi-finals in  the 57 kg category lost in a heroic match, but on Thursday she will fight for the bronze medal.


Women 65 kg

  1. Petra Maarit OLLI (FIN)
  2. Danielle Suzanne LAPPAGE (CAN)
  3. Ayana GEMPEI (JPN) /Iryna Petrovna NETREBA (AZE)

Women 68 kg

  2. Koumbo Selene Fanta LARROQUE (FRA)
  3. Feng ZHOU (CHN) /Tamyra Mariama MENSAH (USA)

Women 72 kg

  1. Justina Renay DI STASIO (CAN)
  2. Nasanburmaa OCHIRBAT (MGL)
  3. Martina KUENZ (AUT) / Buse TOSUN (TUR)

Women 76 kg

  1. Adeline Maria GRAY (USA)
  2. Yasemin ADAR (TUR)
  3. Minagawa SUZUKI (JPN) / Erica Elizabeth WIEBE (CAN)

Flash Quotes:

Petra Maarit Olli (FIN) – gold medalist in 65 kg

„It was a very tough bout. In the end, when there was the challange, me and my opponent were very confused about who actually won the final, neither my coach could understand the whole situation. Last time I lost against Danielle in Poland. Now my goal was not to give her my arm easily. I found myself in tough situations during the bout, but the most important thing is that in the end I took the gold.”

Danielle Suzanne Lappage (CAN) – silver medalist in 65 kg

„I am very disappointed. I thought that with my last point I can win this final, but in the end I failed. I can only blame myself, that I waited until the last seconds to execute my last point.”

Ayana Gempei (JPN) – bronze medalist in 65 kh

„This bout was a very hard one, but I am beyond happy about my win. The japanese are very strong wrestlers. It was a very difficult match and at the Olympics, I will try to do my best. I will fight to achieve my goal, the victory.

Iryna Petrovna Netreba (AZE) – bronzérmes, 65 kg

„Szuperül érzem magam, teli vagyok rengeteg érzelemmel. Hihetetlenül jó érzés, majd felrobbanok! A győzelmemet az anyukámnak ajánlom és ez egy nagyszerű nap!”

Alla Cherkasova (UKR) – gold medalist in 68 kg

„I am so happy. This gold medal is my biggest treasure. My son meant a huge motivation for me, who asked me to win the gold medal for him. My family kept the strentgth in me, and now, with the medal on my chest, I start to realize that. Yes, I really won the competition.”

Koumba Selene Fanta Larroque (FRA) – silver medalist in 68 kg

„I felt I was better than my opponent, and I am very sorry that it all ended up the way it did. Of course, the injury did count, but since she managed to turn me over on the mat, she was the winning party, even without the injury. Now it is hard to forgive to myself this situation, but The Olympics are coming and i have to concentrate on the future.”

Feng Zhou (CHN) – bronze medalist in 68 kg

„I am very happy and tired at the same time. The beginning was quite difficult, but then I dominated her and then I managed to defeat my opponent.”

Tamyra Mariama Mensah (USA) – bronze medalist in 68 kg

„I have been preparing for this the whole year. I am so happy that in this moment I cannot even find the words. I would like to say thanks to the fans, they were hilarious. It is very hard to put into words how I feel now. I am happy, I would rather scream.”

Justina Renay Di Stasio (CAN) – gold medalist in 72 kg

„I tried to stay the attacking party during the whole bout, which paid off in the end. This was my main aim, this was what I wanted. After the bronze medal that I achieved last year I wanted to go home with a gold medal, and I reached my goal. Unbelievable.”

Nasanburmaa Ochirbat (MGL) – silver medalist in 72 kg

„I am very happy that I could win the silver medal. I wanted to be the gold medalist, but the Canadian was a very tough opponent. After the World Championships I will prepare for the Olympic Games with all my power, where my goal is the gold medal, whatever happens. This is the result of 15 years of hard work.”

Martina Kuenz (AUT) – bronze medalist in 72 kg

„Everything happened as we planned with my coach. We managed to figure out the right tactics against my opponent and I could execute everything that we agreed on. I felt that my power will run out during the bout, but finally I persevered until the end. Now I go and tell this achievement to the ones at home, as I won the first ever medal at the world championships for Austria.”

Buse Tosun (TUR) – bronze medalist in 72 kg

„Even though I wanted to achieve the gold medal, thanks to a mistake from the judge, I could not get into the finals. I would rather look forward and – with all my strength – concentrate on acquring the top of the podium in Tokyo.”

Adeline Maria Gray (USA) – gold medalist in 76 kg

 „I still cannot believe this. I am so proud of myself, of my body, that I could do it all until the very end. This victory means a lot to me, as I achieved it at an epic bout.”

Yasemin Adar (TUR) – silver medalist in 76 kg

 „I am very disappointed, for me the silver medal is not enough. I always go for the gold medal. It was just a small mistake, and with that the whole bout flew away for me. For me, the main aim was not this World Championships, I would like to be the winner at the Olympic Games.

 Hiroe Minagawa Suzuki (JPN) – bronze medalist in 76 kg

 „I am very happy that I could win this bronze medal, but I am also diappointed. I would have liked to show off more from myself, to wrestle better, but in the end it is how it is. I am sorry that I had to end this competition withput a bout for the bronze medal, it would have been a lot better to achieve it at the match.”