Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán welcomed Nenad Lalovic in the Parliament

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán welcomed Nenad Lalovic, president of the United World Wrestling (UWW) in the Hungarian Parliament on Friday.

Orbán and Lalovic held talks about the World Wrestling Championships that is taking place for the seventh time in Budapest this week and plenty of planned major sport events in the Hungarian capital, in the attendance of Szilárd Németh, president of the Hungarian Wrestling Federation.

The main topic of the meeting was the current World Championships, which Nenad Lalovic once again labelled as the greatest one ever in the history of wrestling.

’This event makes Budapest and Hungary, as well as this great sport bigger’ – Lalovic said.

Viktor Orbán stressed that Budapest is a global capital of sport with ideal circumstances. He added that the development of the sports infrastructure in Budapest will continue in the upcoming years as well.

Budapest will be the host of the table tennis, the fencing, the pentathlon and the canoe sprint world championships next year, and the city will be the ’European Capital of Sport’, a title awarded by the European Union.

The prime minister supports the organisation of the 2019 World Urban Games as well.