Celebration of the Hungarian heroes of the 1968 and 1988 Olympics

The Hungarian Wrestling Federation invited the most successful Hungarian wrestlers and team leaders on the 50th and the 30th anniversary of the 1968 and the 1988 Olympic Games to a ceremonial dinner.

Szilárd Németh, president of the Hungarian Wrestling Federation welcomed the guests, and executive vice president Péter Bacsa gave plaquettes for the heroes of the Mexico City and the Seoul Games.

Among them we could find 1968 gold medalist János Varga, bronze medalist József Csatári, 1988 gold medalist András Sike and silver medalist Tibor Komáromi, as well as many other wrestlers who achieved a good result in these two events.

Ildikó Bóbis, silver medalist fencer of the 1968 Games, the daughter of the 1948 Olympic champion wrestler, Gyula Bóbis and Bálint Vékássy, general secretary of the Hungarian Olympic Committee were invited as special guests to the ceremony.