A truly phenomenon with a positive attitude

At the world championships we can spot not only among the athletes interesting characters, but in the Media Centre as well. Jim Thrall, with his extreme clothing, immediately made an impression on everyone, but he mostly drew everyone’s attention when he arrived on the coldest day. In a Hawaiian print shirt and shorts, – and we cannot miss out – in socks with garish colours. Dressed everyday in a different pattern, in different colours, and even in unmatched socks.

The always-smiling Thrall works for the American Tech-Fall company which offers photo service and specialized on wrestling, but they also show up at other sport events. Jim started doing professional photography 5 years ago, his main sport is wrestling, but we can also meet with him at NFL matches.

The photographer told us that he is a fanatic sock collector, in his wardrobe there are at least 40 colourful pair of socks.

Jim Thrall knows exactly that people consider him a phenomenon, some may even think he is strange. But he does not care about it, he feels great the way he lives. The cold weather does not either bother him, the eccentric patterned short sleeved shirt is a basic garment for him, and of course, he does not want to hide those spectacular socks under some pants.

A phenomenon or a weirdo, it does not make any difference, as it feels so good to look at Jim Thrall, especially how much the positive energy is flowing from him. So if one day he would arrive dressed up in regular clothes that suit to the actual season, certainly everyone would claim back the old Jim.